When most people think of a sustainable living community, a vision of a commune-like farm lacking modern plumbing and basic comforts usually comes to mind. While this may have been the case in the past, modern sustainable living communities are living proof that it is possible to live a green lifestyle while still enjoying modern comforts. Featuring homes that range from condos to luxury estates, these communities showcase the vast options available for those wishing to reduce their impact on the environment.

Green House


Located near Atlanta, this Georgia community offers sustainable living and a convenient location. The 1,000 acre community is touted as being a model example for sustainable living communities across the globe. The community has a full 30 acres devoted to organic farming. The community also hosts shops, restaurants, art galleries, conference facilities, stables and a 20-room inn. Homes feature all the modern conveniences expected from luxury homes, yet they are still green and follow a model of sustainability. 

Everything in Serenbe is engineered to encourage sustainability while lessening environmental impact. All structures are EarthCraft certified and use thermal heating. Housing choices range from condos and townhomes to luxury farms. While the homes are all environmentally friendly, they do not lack in amenities. The homes include dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, stoves and all other modern conveniences while still remaining green and ecofriendly. Footpaths connect the entire community, and residents can easily walk from their homes to the community center for shopping, dining or community events. 

Created with a focus on community, the development has been specifically designed to foster social relations. The community uses centrally located post boxes, and the housing layout is optimized for social interactions with porches that are pulled to the street. 

Serenbe information can be found at http://serenbe.com.


Vida Verde

When it comes to scenery and a pleasant climate, other sustainable living communities cannot match the location of Vida Verde. Located in Costa Rica, this community combines sustainable living with an ideal climate and beautiful scenery. The Vida Verde community places an emphasis on reducing consumption and recycling. The Vida Verde lifestyle is centered on the ocean and surfing, making this community a haven for water lovers. 

One of the most unique features of the community is the use of biodigestive septic systems, which turn human wastewater into usable irrigation water. Wastewater from sinks, toilets, showers and laundry facilities are gathered in a septic tank and then slowly broken down by natural anaerobic bacteria, which emits no odor. The cleansed water is then treated with a small amount of chlorine and is safe to use for irrigation. 

Lots in the community are suitable for solar power use and include breathtaking ocean views. Each lot has enough space to support an organic farm. There is also a community farm that grows organic foods and offers educational programs for those wishing to grow their own food. 

Detailed information about Vida Verde can be found at:http://sustainablelivingcostarica.com.

Mesa Del Sol

This New Mexico community is located in close proximity to Albuquerque and has room for over 37,500 homes. Situated on 20 square miles, developers hope to attract more than 100,000 residents to this planned sustainable community. While not complete yet, this community has already begun construction on its model homes, which are designed from top to bottom with sustainability in mind.

In addition to a large residential population, the community will also be home to an international school and a vast array of businesses and shops. Planning for the community has taken a unique route by working to attract businesses and retailers before focusing on residents. Development on businesses and job creation actually began years before construction of the first home.

All homes and businesses in the community will be constructed using sustainable materials, and the community plans to be one of the largest fully Energy Star compliant communities in the nation. It will focus on the use of renewable energy sources and water conservation.

More information can be found at http://www.mesadelsolnm.com.

When looking for a sustainable living community, it is no longer necessary to give up comfort, location and convenience. It is possible to live a green lifestyle without having to move to an uncomfortable commune that lacks modern appliances. These sustainable living communities are proof that going green does not have to be a sacrifice and can be enjoyable and fulfilling.