If you’re tired of wading through an army of unnecessary plastic bottles on your bathroom shelves, it might be the right time to simplify and source out some effective green beauty products

With earth-friendly and high-quality options becoming easier to find than ever, it is undoubtedly the right moment to give your bathroom a refreshing make-under and clear out the clutter. Here are four ways to go green with your beauty routine.


1. Just refill it

The Soap DispensaryThe Soap DispensaryWhy not put that empty shampoo bottle or Mason jar to good use? Refill stations have been popping up across the country in a variety of locations. From local markets to green-minded boutiques, refill stations provide an alternative to purchasing more plastic. Refill Road in Vancouver (available at markets, pop-up events, via delivery and online) boasts shampoos, conditioners and body washes from Carina Organics as well as all-natural homemade products.

The Soap Dispensary is another one of Vancouver’s go-to locations for high-quality beauty refills, accessories and kitchen staples offering a staggering selection of products aimed at low-impact living. With pandemic procedures in place, many businesses are using a deposit jar and paper-bag system until further notice, but continue to champion the merits of reusing and refilling.


2. Raise the bar

Unwrapped LifeUnwrapped LifeIt is possible to cut down on the clutter on your shower tower and bathtub ledge with ease—and still use highly effective products. Replacing plastic bottles with a variety of fresh shampoo, conditioner, shave and body wash bars cuts down on waste and conveniently saves space. Saltspring Soapworks uses simple ingredients to craft fine shampoo bars (think rosemary mint or calendula camomile) that leave hair squeaky clean and are sold with minimal packaging.

With the goal to empower everyone to achieve a plastic-free lifestyle, Unwrapped Life offers beauty bars for adults and kids (for hair, hydrating, shaving and more) with a focus on using the cleanest ingredients and compostable craft paper packaging. This ethical brand encourages consumers to use only what they need and to steer away from the habit of mindless over-consumption.


3. Go natural, vegan and cruelty-free

ElateElateThe vegan beauty industry is growing and if you’re searching for products that are gentle, effective and ethical, going vegan may be the perfect way to refresh your beauty routine. Victoria-based Elate Cosmetics is vegan, cruelty-free, and pursuing a mission to become the first zero-waste cosmetics company in the near future. Compostable bamboo tubes and palettes, wildflower envelopes (to be planted) and reusable compacts house these high-quality cosmetics.

Versed Skin also offers a 100 percent vegan skincare line, featuring everything from luxurious serums to deep-cleaning face masks. Most of the packaging is recyclable and Versed also reduces emissions by using fuel-efficient transportation to reduce their carbon footprint.


4. Invest in green beauty tools that last

Brush with BambooBrush With BambooInvesting in beauty tools and products that last is another effective way to achieve a green beauty routine. Brush with Bamboo offers plant-based bamboo toothbrushes packaged in compostable boxes. These sturdy brushes with bio-based bristles last much longer than your average toothbrush and are completely compostable. This innovative company also makes a luxurious bamboo hair brush that is gentle on even the finest locks.

Searching for a natural deodorant that really works? It can be challenging but Routine Natural Goods has created a line of natural deodorants that truly go the distance. Available in refillable jars, Routine has a wide range of deodorants to choose from with the option to go vegan (with no beeswax), omit baking soda or try charcoal with probiotics. These powerful formulas have been earning rave reviews and make natural deodorant a worthy alternative to the chemical-filled drugstore options.