Eco Expo
Credit: Baumgartner

Asia’s largest annual environmental trade fair, the Eco Asia Expo, is set to showcase key environmental issues in Hong Kong from October 28th to 31st.

An intriguing line-up of guest speakers will highlight hot topics such as air quality throughout the world, waste management and recycling, energy efficiency, eco-friendly products, water quality and environmental protection solutions and services.

Every year hundreds of international eco-friendly organizations gather at the expo to showcase new innovative products that will reduce humanity's ever-growing carbon footprint.

This year, visitors can expect to learn what the government of Hong Kong is planning to do to reduce the smog caused by factory emissions, and one of the most anticipated announcements will come from Panasonic’s Shigehiko Nakayama, who will reveal the company’s plan to convert recyclable materials into new goods without releasing any harmful air emissions.

Another anticipated guest speaker is Dr Carol Lin, professor at the University of Hong Kong. Lin will be giving a lecture on the process of turning food waste into biodiesel. There will also be a lecture about the process of sustainable building practices that will reduce the waste created by traditional construction methods.