As a society and as individuals we have a huge environmental impact on our surroundings. We leave one of our biggest footprints on the environment through everyday living in our homes and in our offices. Our homes generate large amounts of energy, and everyday a household contributes to a large amount of waste that's put into the surroundings.

Eco Home

But are there truly eco-friendly homes available for purchase? Awareness of the issue and demand for eco-friendly products has created a market for eco-friendly homes, and the market is responding. Being able to find eco-friendly homes for sale is quickly becoming a reality. Energy saving features, sustainable construction materials and non-hazardous materials are used by builders to construct sturdy homes in developments all across the US.

According to the US Green Buildings Council, 330,000 homes have been built in the last three years, and that nearly 70% of home buyers would choose an eco-friendly home over a more conventional type home.

New green homes for sale will be available soon in the Capitol Heights neighborhood in Wisconsin. This development will be the Midwest's first green certified planned community. Both the land surrounding the homes and the homes themselves will be certified green. Their mission is to build smaller but smarter homes. The surrounding property has natural vegetation, bike paths and green spaces. The homes will feature Energy Star appliances, high efficiency windows, sustainable construction materials and solar power. 35 homes are planned for this eco-friendly development.

Eco-friendly homes are also available at Sol, a sustainable living community in Texas. Designed by Chris Krager, these unique modular homes are completely electric, and produce just as much energy as is consumed per year through solar panels. Geothermal heating and cooling methods are implemented which run quieter and last up to 10 years longer than regular heating and cooling systems. Low VOC paints, concrete and bamboo flooring, and FSC certified wood are just some of the sustainable materials chosen for these homes. Low impact vegetation and drought resistant landscape plants are used to prevent heavy water use, and each home comes ready to collect rainwater for gardens and lawns.

Phoenix Arizona has many eco-friendly homes for sale. Cardens Villas at Yanche Subdivision in Phoenix offers homes that are both affordable to purchase and affordable to live in. Their commitment to providing green homes as an option to buyers has been successful. The single family homes feature tankless water heaters, hot water recirculating pumps, dual pane windows and Icynene insulation, a high performance insulator and a real energy saver. Energy bills in these homes can be as much as 40% less than a conventional home.

Every major city in the US now has, at the very least, a few eco-friendly homes for sale. More likely, however, you can find large planned subdivisions or city communities that are environmentally friendly in abundance and available for purchase. Water saving features, energy efficient appliances, green spaces, and sustainable building materials are all important to look for when purchasing and eco-friendly home.