In order to reduce our carbon footprint on our planet, it is essential to practice “green”, environmentally friendly practices. Not only are “green” practices beneficial to the Earth but they are also capable of saving you large amounts of money as well. In order to protect the Earth from further damage and to preserve our planet for future generations, the following money saving household tips will allow you to both save money and protect the globe:

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Save Energy

During the winter, set the thermostat to a lower temperature and, during the summer, set the temperature at a higher temperature. This will both save energy as well as reduce the cost of electricity and gas. Additionally, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) have been known to save energy. The unplugging of appliances while not in use, the use of cold waterto wash clothing, and the use of a clothesline to dry clothing have also proved beneficial.

Save Water

A low-flow showerhead can save water and does not cost a large amount to purchase. In addition, use a faucet aerator with each faucet. These devices are also inexpensive and conserve both water and heat while maintaining water pressure.

Use Less Gas

Another one of these easy money saving green tips is the conservation of gas. Instead of driving to work, ride your bike or walk. This saves both gas as well as the amount which you pay for parking your vehicle. Telecommuting to work is also becoming an increasingly popular option for those who live long distances from work.

Eat Well

Meat is quite expensive at the grocery store and also poses environmental and health costs as well. Therefore, if you are a regular meat eater, choose one day per week to make vegetarian day when you eat only non-meat products. Buying organic, local foods is also a great way to support the environment. Buying these foods will also allow farmers to remain in business, thereby benefiting your local economy.

Drink Tap Instead of Bottled Water

Using a water filter can provide you with pure water without having to purchase bottled water, which is expensive and generates large amounts of waste.

Buy Used Items

You can save money by buying used items such as appliances, furniture, and other household goods. This saves you money as well as limits the materials needed to produce new items. Recycling usable goods is one of the many great money saving household tips. You can also purchase items at garage sales, estate sales, and consignment shops.

Rent Instead of Buy

When considering easy money saving green tips, another good option is to borrow instead of buy. For example, instead of buying movies or books, simply rent them from a library. This saves large amounts of money as well as the paper and ink which is required to print books.

Buy Wisely

Instead of buying items as you need them, one of the many great money saving household tips is to buy items in bulk from wholesale stores. Also, when purchasing clothing, choose ones which can be handwashed or machine washed instead of those which require dry cleaning. This both saves you money as well as prevents the need for toxic chemicals to be used to clean the clothing.

Don’t Throw Out Electronics

Perhaps one of the most increasingly popular easy money saving green tips is the recycling of electronics. Items such as phones and computers should be used until they are no longer able to function. At this point, recycling is an excellent option. These items can be donated or recycled when it is time to dispose of them. Phones which still work can even be sold. Many local governments provide recycling programs for these items.

Our planet is a place which needs our protection. If we do not do what we can to protect the Earth, how can we expect the Earth to support us? Therefore, it is essential to begin using “greener” practices. These habits have been proven to both help the environment as well as save us money as well!