Green Living Products are the way forward to a sustainable lifestyle. The aim of many people is to reduce their carbon footprint in these days of environmental uncertainty. Many products in the market place are labeled green, but the best green products are truly earth-friendly. When choosing green living products, find out what the label really means.

Credit: Looking Glass via Flickr

Green Household Products

A biodegradable product will decay though the action of living organisms. It will break down into water, basic minerals and carbon dioxide. These green household products should be packaged in recycled containers. Phosphates are surfactants and are in most dish washing liquids. They are needed for getting most food off dishes but they do not biodegrade. There are dish washing liquids with natural surfactants.

Biokleen makes many green household products including dish washing detergent, dish gel and powder for dishwashers, liquid dish soap, household cleaners, toilet scrubs and produce wash. They are phosphate and chlorine free.

Plastic bags are one of the most damaging items for the environment. There are trash bags, shopping bags and cat litter box liners made by BioBag that can be composted. These bags are 100% biodegradable. They are made with GMO free starch, biodegradable polymer and other renewable ingredients. They use no polyethylene.

Seventh Generation makes natural fabric softener sheets. These are green living products that are soy-oil-based in a brown natural paper sheet. It is a plant based fabric softener that delivers fluffy, soft and static-free laundry. The paper is biodegradable and can be composted. They also make toilet and bath tissue and paper towels with recycled paper that are not bleached or dyed. 

Green household products also include pest control. EcoSMART manufactures eco-friendly products to control mosquitoes and ticks, ants and roaches, wasps and hornets, spiders and other insects. They are made from organic plant oils with no pesticide residue. It is completely non-toxic and safe around children and pets. 

They also make an all natural insect repellent with oils from rosemary, cinnamon leaf and lemon grass among other things. It repels mosquitoes, ticks and gnats for hours. 

There are green household products for the garden that are eco-friendly. These include pots and planters that are made from recycled and renewable resources such as grain and rice hull, coconut fiber and bamboo. They are a good green alternative to plastic containers. 


Green Office Products

Using sustainable green living products for office supplies sends a good environmental message about your business to employees and clients and will improve your bottom line. There are recycled computer discs, staple-free staplers, recycled color copy paper and much more. 

One of the major green office products is recycled paper. It is usually made from paper that has already been used once and is sent for disposal. It can also be made from certified trees taken from a sustainable forest. The Forest Stewardship Council is one certifying institution. The best green products are also processed without chlorine. Chlorine compounds are used to bleach the paper, but they leave toxic residues of dioxin and formaldehyde that end up in rivers and lakes. 

Pens are also made from recycled materials such as post-consumer recovered polypropylene. Pens are an important part of any office and at the top of the list of green office products that are useful. The Industries of the Blind, Greensboro, make these pens. 

Greenciles are pencils made from all kinds of recycled paper. It is cleaned and wrapped around a safe graphite core. They are the most environmentally efficient pencils available. They have a synthetic rubber tip for erasing. These pencils and their shavings are recyclable and do not need any tree to be cut down. Every year 14 billion pencils are made from wood and thrown away. That has a great impact on forests and eco-systems. 

The latest technology has produced an eco-friendly USB Flash Drive. It contains no mercury, lead, cadmium or other toxins and easily decomposes. 

The best green products bring everyone's life style into step with a sustainable environment.