The best fun is always homemade!
Credit: Sherbet Photography

Halloween is the scariest holiday around, not only because of all the ghosts and ghouls – but because of the disposable, single-serving, or synthetic decorations that come along with this holiday tradition. 

To the eco-friendly individual, all that needless waste is a whole lot scarier that any ghost or ghoul. So, instead of purchasing decorations and costumes that will go straight to the landfill, why not reduce, reuse and recycle this Halloween?

1. Make Your Own Costumes

Making costumes for the little kids is easy if you have the imagination and basic sewing skills. Just get an idea in your head and run wild with it. However, as the kids get older this becomes a little more difficult, because when your little boy wants to be Spiderman, he won't exactly settle for the handmade alternative!

When handmade costumes can no longer satisfy them, consider organizing a costume swap around the neighbourhood. This way, when an older kid outgrows their costume, a younger kid can reuse it. This is also a great way to build a sense of community in the neighbourhood.

2. Reduce Waste With Healthier Candy

Depending on your neighbourhood, you may be able to skip the waste that is involved with individually wrapped candy by making your own healthier treats. However, some parents can be really iffy about packaging on Halloween.

If your neighborhood wouldn't respond well to handmade treats, try instead to spare the children all that processed sugar and go for a healthy alternative. This doesn't mean apples or toothbrushes – no one likes that person! There are tons of companies that make organic candy that’s wrapped with recycled materials and free from high-fructose corn syrup, chemical coloring and artificial flavors. 

3. Make Your Own Decorations

Avoid the plastic pre-made stuff and just reuse some recyclable items around your house to make decorations. Old pillowcases placed over stools make interesting ghosts, and other ghouls are pretty easy to make with a little imagination. Not only is it eco-friendly to make your own decorations, but it is incredibly cheap too! Plus, it’s a great craft project for the kids that will get them all amped up for Halloween.

If you see a decoration in the store that you simply must have, make sure it is one that you can store and at least reuse. And at all cost avoid synthetic cob webs, they are horribly wasteful.

4. Skip The Store-Bought Candy Bucket

Those plastic pumpkins are incredibly cute, but they are terrible for the environment. The pillowcase is not only a classic alternative – it’s an eco-friendly one. And unlike the candy bucket that only gets used once a year, the pillow case can just be slipped back on a pillow and used all year round.

5. Party Smarter

If you are hosting a Halloween party, instead on just having guests tossing all those plastic plates and cutlery into the garbage, make sure you have clearly labeled recycling containers for them. Also, try to pick the brands that are made from recyclable or sustainable materials.