Look good, feel good while helping the environment

Did you know that for the past few years, Aldo has steadily been incorporating innovative, environmentally sound practices into its products? Since 2018, Aldo has been certified climate neutral. And with their new sustainability umbrella program Aldo Love Planet, they're pushing even further this fall with a new collection created with earth-friendly materials.

Green streak

rpplAldoLast year, Aldo debuted its first sustainable product with RPPL, a pioneering sneaker that included in its construction recycled plastic water bottles and a material derived from lake algae biomass. This year, Aldo Love Planet continues its journey to reduce its carbon footprint by expanding its range of sustainable products with a new line of footwear and accessories.

While retaining Aldo's fashion-forward DNA, this new portfolio combines youthful styles with eco-friendly goals and a variety of low-impact materials. Women’s and men’s footwear, jewellery and accessories get a meaningful refresh with innovative components, such as recycled neoprene, traceable leather and recycled jersey. The collection also introduces the third generation of the brand’s first sustainable sneaker—RPPL—each pair containing five recycled plastic bottles in its composition.purseAldo

Making waves

RPPL was Aldo's first sustainable shoe, made foam insoles derived from algae biomass and upper knit materials created from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. RPPL Clear is the newest generation—an incredibly comfortable and stylish sneaker that comes in a range of neutral shades featuring a translucent sole.

Each RPPL sneaker helps clean and filter 35 litres of freshwater (equivalent to 70 standard water bottles); keeps 640 grams of CO2 from entering the atmosphere (by supporting the process of algae bloom harvesting over materials dependent on fossil fuels); and prevents the equivalent of five plastic water bottles from being thrown into the landfill (by using recycled knit materials).

Clean footprints

AldoAldoProducts like the REX, REID and REV sneakers feature CleanStep™ technology, a sustainably produced material that's made with a 50/50 mix of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and algae biomass, a material that not only helps filter polluted water, but keeps CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

By switching to this new material, we not only get cleaner air and water, but thousands of pounds of waste are kept from reaching landfills. But ultimately, CleanStep creates a material that's perfect for shoes, combining comfort, longevity and style.