Air pollution has become a big problem in Vancouver. We need to work harder. If we all help, our large city can become greener.


You can help by carpooling or taking the bus. You can also help by not smoking and also factories can become greener. My friend Nicole always says "If we all have a little faith things can turnout great." I believe that too.

You can't really see the air pollution in the good air. But it is spreading bad. 

In Vancouver BC, (also known as the home of the Canucks) there is horrible air pollution. "People can get really sick if this continues," said Nicole.

Our air is dirty, it needs to stop. Plant are dying, trees are dying. If our trees die then we have no oxygen to live and then we die. This doesn't seem like this is a big concern for a lot of people, but is a huge problem.

When you have a barbeque the smoke that comes out of the barbeque pollutes the air, there are a lot more issues that we have to be aware of as well. 

Living with clean air is an amazing thing because it keeps our bodies breathing.