When making a plan for a vacation, the first item of consideration is usually finances. Whether planning a vacation for the summer holidays or for another time of the year, a great option is the staycation. Not only is this option far less expensive than other alternatives, it is also highly environmentally friendly. There are several ways in which a green holiday can benefit the environment.

Credit: rachel_thecat via Flickr

Staycations are becoming increasingly popular, particularly over the last year during the tight economic times. A staycation consists of remaining in one’s hometown and visiting local areas instead of traveling to a different location.

Save Fuel

If you are not having to fly or drive for long distances, you will both save money on fuel as well as release less CO2 into the environment. The reduction of gas emissions can be significant, which is of enormous environmental importance. You should certainly take this into consideration when planning your next vacation.

Conservation of Electricity and Water in Hotels

When you remain at home instead of traveling abroad and staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast, you can save water and electricity in the place where you would otherwise be staying. Hotels, fortunately, have developed ways to save energy in their establishments. One of these methods is the option that many hotels give to customers that allows the guests to decline the changing of sheets and towels daily. Regardless, the cleaning staff does need to clean all of the linens after a guest checks out. They also need to change the beds and clean the rooms. In addition to the water and electricity that is required to clean the linens and room, the hotel also needs to use A/C/ and heating in the hotel room in order to keep the room at the required temperature. In addition, having a green holiday and sleeping and showering at home will allow you to save the money you would otherwise have spent on a hotel room.

Eat Greener

Research studies have shown that individuals who are on vacation abandon their usual healthy eating habits. People who are on holiday often grab a quick meal at a fast food restaurant or treat themselves to an expensive large dinner. If you remain at home for a staycation, you will be better able to maintain your diet of organic or healthy foods. There is no need to pack on extra weight simply because you are on vacation!

Stimulate Your Local Economy

Any of the purchases you will make during your green holiday will remain in your community including the parks, trails, and playgrounds which most benefit your area. You can leave your money in an area which will most benefit you.

Get a New Appreciation for Your Local Surroundings

There are certainly many areas in your hometown which are beautiful and enjoyable to visit. Visiting these areas will encourage you to aid in its preservation and will contribute money to these local spots. This can include a number of local programs such as clean-up of litter, recycling programs, as well as the preservation of trees, farmland, and other green areas which are quickly becoming rarer and rarer due to construction. Further understanding and appreciating the areas in which you live will save you money as well as encourage you to protect the environment in your hometown and state.

A green holiday can both save you large amounts of money as well as minimize the carbon footprint which each of us leaves on our planet. A staycation can also provide a ROI in the location in which you live. You will also be provided the opportunity to learn more about your home state and town than you ever knew before.