Bottled water became the trend several years ago. Everyone was carrying around designer waters as an alternative to drinking municipal water because of the perceived unhealthiness of local tap water systems. But now a backlash is occurring due to the environmental concerns about disposing of all those plastic bottles that are clogging landfills. More people are seeking alternative, less expensive ways of ensuring they are drinking healthy water. Water filtration systems are fast replacing bottled water. There are kitchen faucet water filters, portable water filter bottles, and water filter pitchers that fit every need and lifestyle.

Credit: Jeff Pang via Flickr

The Bottled Water Trend

People in the United States drink 8.3 billion gallons of bottled water, and spend over $11 billion in order to drink water that is not necessarily any purer or better than tap water. The amount spent in transportation and packaging for drinking one bottle of water is equal to the amount it would cost to fill a gas tank five times or more. Over 85 percent of the plastic from bottled water containers is not recycled and ends up as garbage or litter, and buried water bottles would take 1,000 years to biodegrade.

Considering that 40 percent of bottled water is merely tap water with minerals added it makes sense that there should be a viable alternative that not only saves money, but the environment as well.

Water Filtration Systems

There are many styles of water filter systems that will fit the needs and budgets of most people. Kitchen faucet water filter systems come in various styles, from the types that hook onto the water supply line to the ones that easily snap on the faucet for immediately cleaner drinking water.

Kitchen faucet water filter improves the taste, smell, and appearance of tap water. It will also filter certain substances and harmful chemicals from the water. Local water departments can send reports to consumers detailing everything that is found in the water supply, so finding the right kitchen faucet water filter that will filter out specific unwanted impurities is relatively easy.

Water Filter Pitcher

Sometimes getting clean drinking water is as simple as filling up a water filter pitcher with plain tap water. A water filter pitcher comes with a charcoal filter that cleans the water of impurities, including chlorine and lead. Many of the regular filters do not remove microorganisms, but a special water filter can be purchased if that is a concern. The water filter pitcher comes in various sizes. Tap water is poured into a container in the pitcher, the water drips through the charcoal filter, and the clean water fills the pitcher. There are indicators on the pitcher that signal when a new filter is required.

Portable Water Filter Bottle

People on the go like to carry bottled water, especially when engaging in physical exercise or working out. There are all styles and shapes of the portable water filter bottle that come with filters that remove chemicals and harmful substances from tap water. There is the fashionable metal portable water filter bottle that keeps water colder longer, and the plain plastic portable water filter bottle that is inexpensive yet provides cleaner drinking water alternatives. The charcoal filter must be changed periodically, but the cost of the filter is far less that the cost of regularly purchasing bottled water. A portable water filter bottle is easy to carry, easy to wash and reuse, and saves the environment.

In conclusion, finding a better alternative to drinking water out of a bottle is as simple as purchasing a water filter system. They are inexpensive, help in creating a greener planet, and some in all sizes and styles. They fit the needs of a family wanting a kitchen faucet water filter or water filter pitcher as well as the active and busy individual toting a portable water filter bottle.