Make a splash in these brands that use recycled materials and ethical production practices

Most conventional swimsuits are made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon and Lycra, which all contain microplastics. This means that every time we wash them, head into the ocean or dispose of them in the trash, we are polluting our waterways and causing harm to the environment. That is why it is vital to make the switch to conscious swimwear brands. There are plenty of styles and varieties to choose from, no matter your body type or budget.

Here are our top picks...

1. Londre

londreThere is so much to love about Londre: the water they use in production is chemical-free, all of the suits are able to be recycled into new materials once you are done wearing them, and the compostable packaging is made from corn. The swimsuits are also extremely flattering on every body type and are each made ethically from a minimum of six recycled plastic bottles.

2. Wolven

wolvenWolven is another brand that is committed to making swimwear that leaves the least environmental impact as possible. Wolven’s trendy pieces are all carbon neutral, and the fabric is created by breaking down discarded plastics, which is then recycled into various textiles. We absolutely love that there are so many swimsuits to choose from in all sorts of colours, patterns and sizes.

3. Girlfriend Collective

girlfriend collectiveGirlfriend Collective doesn’t use any synthetic materials to create its pieces, but instead recycles fishing nets, plastic bottles and post-industrial waste from the ocean. All of the fabrics are coloured with eco-friendly dyes, and the wastewater is also cleaned and cooled before it’s released to prevent any extra harm. The bright colours will instantly take you into a tropical state of mind.

4. Summer Salt

summer saltThis sustainable brand is making it easy for everyone to shop responsibly thanks to its size-inclusive styles which range from a 2 to 22. Not only is Summer Salt a body positive company, but it also makes its swimwear out of recycled materials that come at very affordable prices.

5. Jade Swim

jade swimFrom organically sourced and recycled materials to conscious production and biodegradable packaging, Jade Swim checks all the boxes when it comes to sustainable swimwear. We also love that it offers slow fashion, which means each collection is carefully thought out and made in small batches. You’ll find tops and bottoms in a variety of colours that can be mixed and matched, or browse through the chic one-pieces.

6. Nettle’s Tale

nettle's taleBased in British Columbia, Nettle’s Tale is a sustainable swimwear brand that promotes body positivity and an ethical lifestyle. Made from recycled polyester, all the pieces are created locally and can be mixed and matched to however you like. It’s all about looking good and feeling good.