Go green or go home

There has never been an easier time to find sustainable ways to decorate your home. Want to do your part for the planet while also creating a stylish home sanctuary? We’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 simple and eco-friendly ways to decorate your home...


1. Select sustainable accessories

glass vasesWho says eco-friendly accessories can’t look great? When choosing accents and accessories, opt for ones made with recycled materials. There are plenty of decor brands, both local and international, that sell sustainable pieces. We love this Tall and Askew Recycled Glass Balloon two-piece Table Vase Set by Green living brand Viva Terra.


2. Use non-toxic sustainable fabrics

sheetsWe know by now that it’s easy to sneak toxic materials into everyday objects, and this includes fabrics. When selecting textiles like bedding and cushion covers, choose only 100 percent natural fibres, including cotton, linen, silk and wool. These allow your skin to breathe. Avoid synthetic fibers like satins, which may feel good and luxurious, but are treated with chemicals. Also avoid mixed and blended fibers. They deceptively resemble silk or cotton, but are often blended with synthetic fibres to reduce manufacturing costs.

These sheets (pictured above) by Montreal-based brand Tess are made with 100 percent long-staple percale cotton, known for its matte finish, ultra-softness and supreme durability. This brand is also Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that their fabric and dyes are free of harmful chemicals.


3. Repurpose, reuse, refinish

cabinetThis method is one of the easiest ways to save money and the environment. Rather than breaking the bank on new pieces, add a new coat of (non-toxic) paint to a signature piece of furniture, like a nightstand or side table, to give it a new look and a fresh design.

Also, don’t feel like a piece of furniture needs to stay in the same room forever. Swap out a shelf in your living room to a different space in the home, and switch up the accessories. For example, a bookcase, especially one with glass doors, makes an excellent dining room glass cabinet and vice versa.


4. Plants, plants and more plants

plantsIndoor plants not only look fantastic and trendy, but they can also improve your well-being. Studies have proven that houseplants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent), reduce stress levels and boost your mood. Create your own indoor green sanctuary and store plants in trendy bamboo or wicker baskets. If caring for plants is a challenge, rubber plants are a low-maintenance option.


5. Use non-VOC paint

paintPhoto by Kara Eads on UnsplashWhether you’re painting your walls or a piece of furniture, the paint you use is important. Always opt for eco-friendly paints free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Interesting fact: VOCs are what cause that strong scent in a freshly painted room. Not only are they harmful to the environment, they can also be harmful to humans and cause allergies. Thankfully, it’s easy to find non-VOC paints at popular retailers like Benjamin Moore (look for their “Aura” line!).