The world is going through a lot. Instead of focusing on bad news, we’ve rounded up the most encouraging environmental stories that made headlines this month

Scrolling through news about the environment can be discouraging—and there is much work to be done in resolving the climate crisis. But instead of just focusing on the negative, it's important to also acknowledge the progress that is being made towards a more sustainable future.

So lets celebrate these environmental wins that happened in June and stay motivated to protect the planet!

1. Canada Post’s 2020 Sustainability Report shows progress

Canada PostCanada PostCanada Post has released its 2020 Sustainability Report, sharing what the company is doing to keep its employees safe, reduce its environmental impact, and build an inclusive workplace. Key highlights include adding 353 hybrid vehicles to its fleet, diverting 73 percent of its waste in 2020, and a $221 million investment by the Canada Post Registered Pension Plan in renewable energy.

2. Amsterdam bans advertisements promoting intensive fossil fuel consumption from its metro system

amsterdamPhoto by Fons Heijnsbroek on UnsplashAmsterdam city council is banning advertisements promoting products and services that are greenhouse-gas intensive, such as gas-powered cars and cheap flights. Cutting out about 10 percent of the ads currently displayed, the CEO of CS Digital Media shares that the ban is "about opening up more ad space and giving benefits to advertisers to tell how we move forward in changing the environment.”

3. Lego introduces new bricks made from plastic bottles

legoPhoto by Xavi Cabrera on UnsplashLego is working towards creating more sustainable products. After three years of experiments with 250 variations of materials, the company is introducing its first bricks made from recycled plastic bottles. The company claims they are as durable, strong and high quality as standard Lego bricks. The company also plans to remove single-use plastic from boxes and incorporate other sustainably sourced materials into its products.

4. The United States issues new protections for endangered humpback whaleshumpback storyPhoto by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

The US has committed to officially protecting 116,098 square nautical miles of the Pacific Ocean, which is habitat to three populations of endangered humpback whales. Prompted by a legal victory by the Center for Biological Diversity, the action will safeguard the areas for migration and feeding. The goal is to protect migrating whales from ship strikes, entanglement in fishing gear and oil spills.

5. Holt Renfrew sets new science-based sustainability commitments

foxPhoto by Ray Hennessy on UnsplashAccording to a June press release, Holt Renew is the first and only fashion and lifestyle retailer to set approved science-based targets in the retailing sector. Its emissions reductions have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative to be consistent with the goals of the Paris agreement. Commitments include exiting all animal fur and exotic skins by the end of the year and using more sustainable sources for its materials.

While we still have a lot of work to do in protecting the planet, we hope these pieces of good news will encourage you to think positively as we work towards a better future.