The world is going through a lot. Instead of focusing on the bad news, we’ve rounded up the most encouraging environmental stories that made headlines this month

Despite the climate crisis continuously revealing new challenges and issues, our global community must remain positive and motivated. There is plenty of good work being done to protect people, plants, animals and the environment—and it's important to acknowledge these achievements as we continue the fight against climate change.

So let's celebrate these environmental wins that happened in July and stay motivated to save the planet...

1. Wild bison return to the UK after being absent for thousands of yearsbisonPhoto by Bryce olsen on Unsplash

The Wilder Blean Project, a partnership between Wildwood Trust and Kent Wildlife Trust, is reintroducing wild bison to a forest near Canterbury, marking the first time in thousands of years that the species will be present in the UK. The reintroduction aims to help restore the forest to its natural state, as the bison will knock down trees and shrubs, making way for new plants to grow, helping to attract new insects, birds and reptiles.

2. European Union announces ambitious goalcar exhaustPhoto by Alexander Popov on Unsplash

The Council of the EU has agreed to introduce a 100 percent CO2 emissions reduction target for new cars and vans by 2035. The plan is an important step in the EU's commitment to reduce its net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent by 2023 compared to 1990 levels, leading up to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

3. Singapore promises to plant one million trees by 2030singaporePhoto by Kirill Petropavlov on Unsplash

In an effort to improve living conditions for wildlife and people, Singapore plans to plant one million trees within 10 years. This reforestation campaign aims to reverse the habitat loss suffered due to the significant diminishment of mangroves in the country, which has affected saltwater crocodiles, oriental hornbills, otters, migratory birds, and many other species.

4. Lego is building a solar power plantLegoPhoto by Xavi Cabrera on Unsplash

The LEGO Group is building a new $1-billion factory in Chesterfield County, Virginia, and plans to make it a sustainable development by powering the facility with a solar park. LEGO intends for this to be the first factory in over 16 years to be completely carbon neutral. The Group is also pursuing LEED Gold certification for the factory.

5. Cow methane emissions cut by up to 95 percentcowsPhoto by Stijn te Strake on Unsplash

Researchers in Australia have discovered a seaweed that, when incorporated into the diet of cows and sheep, can reduce their methane emissions by 90 to 95 percent. The seaweed is called asparagopsis, and has been fast-tracked for commercial sale by three companies in an effort to cut back this significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

We hope these pieces of good news will encourage you to think positively and motivate you to play your part as we work towards a more sustainable future!