Want to be inspired to live in a more eco-friendly way? Curl up with these three books

the hidden life of trees

1. The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben

Can trees talk to each other? This book focuses on the interconnectedness of forest ecosystems and how trees communicate and support each other by forming alliances underground. Trees are vital to our livelihood. They are the biggest plants on earth, and they give us oxygen, store carbon, and stabilize the soil we walk upon. They give life, quite literally breathe, and provide shelter to all wildlife—including us humans. Get inspired by this book to look deeper. Beneath the soil, trees have an incredible mycorrhizal network that enables them to ‘speak’ to each other, sharing information and resources like carbon and nitrogen phosphorus. Trees that live in families or forests can live long lives; in contrast, solo trees live shorter lives. After decades of studying forests, author Wohlleben’s deep love of the woods is evident. He explains the amazing processes of life, death and regeneration he has observed, and the amazing scientific processes behind the wonders of trees.


below deck2. Below Deck­ by Sophie Hardcastle

This third novel by Australian author Sophie Hardcastle is truly a poetic work of art. It’s raw, dark, honest and powerfully thought-provoking. Inspired by her expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula with Chimu Adventures and sailing through Australia’s Whitsundays, it explores the damage done to the earth through the human impact of global warming—something she finds so obvious while exploring the Antarctic Peninsula. The author survived a sexual assault at the age of 23, and the book makes parallels between climate change and violence against women.

Hardcastle uses discussions about sexual abuse and the invasion of spaces as a way to speak about climate change and environmental exploitation. “Because what is sexual violence but the invasion and disrespect of a body? In a similar way, what is environmental exploitation but the invasion and disrespect of a body? Whether that is a human body, a body of earth, or a body of water, the invasion of the space functions in a similar way,” says Hardcastle.

The synopsis: when 21-year-old Olivia wakes up on a boat with no recollection of how she got there, she accepts the help of two strangers who change the course of her future forever. With Mac and Maggie, Oli learns to navigate a life upon the open ocean. 


An Almost Zero Waste Life: How to Embrace Less to Live More3. An Almost Zero Waste Life: How to Embrace Less to Live More by Megean Weldon

Megean Weldon—also known as The Zero Waste Nerd—takes you on an aspirational journey to live a lifestyle that sends no more waste into our landfills. Does it feel like living a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle would never be realistically attainable for you? Weldon challenges you to make small changes in your life that have a big impact. Although the notion of being sustainable and minimizing our waste has been around for decades, now more than ever it’s at the forefront of our minds to minimize our carbon footprint. So, what can we do to be kind to our planet? Weldon guides you towards living a mindful, sustainable lifestyle in a very approachable, doable way with DIY projects, natural cleaning products, tips, meal plans, recipes, and strategies. The way it’s written and designed and illustrated is simply beautiful.