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I'm Emily and I'm a freelance writer from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am an avid camper and hiker who picked up the bug at a young age, I have just about visited all the places worth seeing in the Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin area as well as other places in The Unites States and Canada. I am an avid supporter of animal rights and also an advocate for better environmental practices that lower pollution and keep the environment I love so much healthy. I have one dog named Nibbler (yes, he is named after Nibbler on Futurama), a Pug/Jack Russell Terrier mix, who has been my constant partner in crime. On the weekends I volunteer at the local Fort Wayne animal shelter in which I adopted Nibbler with my boyfriend. In my spare few moments of free time I enjoy cooking new recipes from cuisine all over the world and playing more than a few different video games, though in the summer time I enjoy a leisurely day of fishing just as much as a good hike.

Recent Posts

River Bird Hormones Disrupted by Water Pollutants
May 1, 2014
Previous studies have confirmed that for some time now that chemicals in sewage and waste water have been disrupting the endocrine hormones in fish and are affecting the sexual development in them. However, new research indicated that these chemicals and...
Environmental Science
France in the Process of Moving Away from Nuclear Power
Apr 29, 2014
France is one of the most nuclear power dependent countries in the world; however it looks like times are changing. The French government is looking to steer their country away from nuclear dependency and encourage a focus on alternative energy...
Energy Infrastructure
Likelihood of Storm Waters Flooding Manhattan Increased 20-Fold
Apr 24, 2014
A new study finds that the maximum water levels in New York harbor during storms have raised about two and a half feet since the mid-1800's. This makes the chances of storm surge overtaking the Manhattan seawall over twenty times...
Natural Disasters
Narco-Deforestation Deemed Major Threat to Central and South American Forests
Apr 22, 2014
What do you get when you combine narcotics and deforestation? Destruction and the newly coined term narco-deforestation. This newly coined termed is being used to describe the destruction of sensitive forest ecosystems in Central and South America and is being...
Hidden Climate Change Impacts Found in Moth Study
Apr 17, 2014
There have been more and more studies appearing that are reporting climate change as the culprit for changes in size, population and adaption for different species. However, a recent study of moths has found that the increase or decrease of...
EPA Proposes the Largest Clean Up in the Organization's History
Apr 15, 2014
The Environmental Protection Agency has a new plan that will protect people's health, the environment and benefit riverfront communities. The new plan proposed by the EPA is to remove 4.3 million cubic yards of sediment from the lower eight miles...
Ecological Restoration
H&M and Zara Clothing Producers Looking to Cut Rainforest Destruction Out of Clothing Production
Apr 10, 2014
H&M and Zara are two of the largest clothing companies in the world. While many advocates of the rainforest have previously focused on limiting the destruction of the rainforests from pulp and paper, timber, soy, palm oil and cattle companies,
Eco Politics For Business
Desert Absorption Helping to Decrease CO2 Levels
Apr 8, 2014
A new study published in the Nature Climate Change journal has found that arid desert areas, which are among the largest ecosystems on the planet, are taking in surprisingly large amounts of carbon as the levels of carbon dioxide increase...
Environmental Science
The Future of Tropical Power Lays Under the Sea in Seaweed
Apr 3, 2014
Scientists have raised a new and ambitious way to wrestle the world hold from fossil fuels. This new idea involves harvesting the seaweed forests under the ocean as well as sustainably farming them then feeding the matter into a large...
Energy Infrastructure
Research Suggests a Early Spring and Late Autumn are the New Normal
Apr 1, 2014
There are some skeptics that suggest that global warming or climate change isn't a real thing, however each year new evidence suggests that it is. Yet another study has come out that suggests that the seasons are changing. This research...
The Galveston Oil Spill Threatening Bird Refuge
Mar 27, 2014
In Galveston Bay off the coast of Texas, a barge spilled more than 168,000 gallons of oil in the waters on Saturday, March 22nd after colliding with another ship in the Houston Ship Channel. While this spill is smaller than...
Ecological Restoration
The 25th Anniversary of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Still Sees Oil Clinging to Beaches
Mar 25, 2014
It was twenty-five years ago on Monday that the Exxon Valdez oil spill set off one of the most devastating environmental disasters in United States history. Years later, that oil couldn't possibly be still affecting the ecosystem, right? Bad news,
New Research Blames Humans for Extinction of New Zealand's Moa Birds
Mar 20, 2014
The moas were a group of flightless birds that ruled over New Zealand long before humans arrived on the islands. These birds were huge in size, the largest of which stood around 12 feet. However the whole moa family, which...
New Study Finds Amazon Rainforest Inhales more Carbon than it Emits
Mar 18, 2014
A new study has confirmed that the massive natural forests in the Amazon removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it emits into it. These findings finally settle the age old debate of the overall carbon balance in the...
Environmental Science
Italy Winery Uses Wine Sales to Plant Trees and Basil in Canadian Soil
Mar 14, 2014
Sustainable individuals in Canada should make April a month to indulge when it comes to wine. From April 1st to the 26th, in honor of Earth Month and the prolonged commitment to sustainability, Italian wine producer Santa Margherita will donate...
Eco Politics For Business
Big Ben Getting a Solar Upgrade
Mar 13, 2014
The United Kingdom Parliamentary is turning their attentions inward to the parliamentary estate in effort to complete their ambitious goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 34 percent by 2020. The House of Commons is looking up at the iconic...
Energy Infrastructure
One Warm River at a Time, the Arctic Sea Ice Melting
Mar 11, 2014
NASA published a new study that found that the increasingly warming rivers that drain into the Arctic Ocean each summer are partially to blame from the decreasing levels of sea ice found in the Arctic Ocean.
Environmental Science
Mardi Gras Celebrations Amass 25 Million Pounds of Toxic Beads
Mar 6, 2014
The Christian holiday of Mardi Gras kicked off Tuesday as the last day to party hard before the solemn rituals of the 40-long holiday Lent. While the holiday attracts party goers of all religions, there is one frightful outcome from...
Social Issues
Illegal Logging in Mozambique Threatens Sustainability
Mar 4, 2014
Many believe that the illegal logging industry is only an issue in the Amazon Rainforest, however illegal logging has spiked in Mozambique and other African countries over the past five years. Researchers from Eduardo Mondlane University published a new report...
Eco Politics For Business
Can Hurricanes Be Weakened by Offshore Wind Turbines?
Feb 27, 2014
Hurricanes are one of Mother Nature's most destructive storms that can cause total devastation to the coastal communities of the world. It is the unpredictable and uncontrollable nature of these storms that often causes them to be so deadly, however...
Natural Disasters
New Super Greenhouse Gas Discovered that is 7,100 Time Stronger than CO2
Feb 25, 2014
In a recently published issue of Geophysical Research Letters, scientists from the University of Toronto have identified a new chemical present in the atmosphere that appears to be a long living greenhouse gas. This new chemical--perfluorotributylamine, or PFTBA-- has broken...
Environmental Science
Bats Serve as Inspiration for New 'Micro Air Vehicles'
Feb 20, 2014
Bats---terrifying to some, but now they may be the inspiration to a new mode of flight. Researchers at Virginia Tech have been exploring how bats fly by flapping their wings and are now applying that knowledge towards the design process...
Innovation & Concepts
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