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Tesla Cut a Wide Swath for the Electric Car Industry
On June 12th, the CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk announced that all of Tesla's patents were released into the public domain. In order to fast track manufacturing in the electric vehicle industry, Tesla made this grand gesture to "attract...
Hydrogen Cars to Begin Rolling Out This Spring
For a long time electric and plug-in cars have been thought to be the only plausible and efficient alternative to conventional fossil fuel cars. Nearly all of the world's car makers have rolled out some sort of hybrid car and...
Leave The Gas Pump Behind - Your Orlando Vacation Just Got Greener
Environmentally-conscious travellers don’t have to feel quite so guilty about visiting the Magic Kingdom anymore.
Green Wheels - Three Luxurious Cars You Would Never Guess Are Hybrids
There are a lot of reasons to choose from the pool of ever-growing hybrid cars. The primary reason people choose hybrids is because they get excellent gas mileage in an age where gassing-up is a bank breaking affair.
How to Eco-Out Your Vehicle
The growing trend is towards eco-friendly options, not only in the home and the office, but also when it comes to your vehicle. There are many ways that you can eco-out your ride from the extreme eco-conversion to simply changing...
ZR Zero, the Most Green Car
People are about to find out just how long it takes a battery-powered car to travel roughly 16,000 miles, i.e., the entire length of the Pan American Highway. At this point, officials are unsure how long exactly it may take,
Green Goes Cool with MIT's Green Wheel
The obstacle to creating a successful motorized bicycle apparatus is not the mechanics; it is the marketing. No matter how high-tech a motorized propulsion system is, it will be ignored and abhorred by consumers if it retains the same dumpy,
Belatedly Striding into Adolescence - Compressed-Air Powered Vehicles
In desperate need for energy, society glugs billions of liters of petroleum and blasts thousands of mountains for their precious coal reservoirs. It has a penchant for ignoring innovative ideas that run against its overbearing petro-based structure. But undeterred by...
Moving Towards a Gas-Free Future
This is the Tesla Model S. Pundits laud it as the rescuer of the automotive industry, and ecologists rave over the redemption of smoggy skies. Not only will it deliver U.S. auto manufacturers from the bottom of aficionado's Top...
The Evolution of the Electric Car
Scottish inventor Robert Anderson and American Thomas Davenport both claim recognition as the initial creator of the electric automobile in the 1830s. A host of other innovators vie for first, including Dutch Sidbrandus Stratingh, American Christopher Becker, and Hungarian Anyos...
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