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UK: Are Current Farming Methods Risking Boom or Bust with Food Supplies?
The push for more intensive agriculture to feed a growing global population risks ecological “boom and bust” according to four of the UK's leading ecologists, writing for Friends of the Earth’s Big Ideas Change the World project In a damning critique,
Side by Side: Human Chain Against Coal Spans Germay-Poland Border
Over 7500 people from almost 30 countries stood hand in hand this week, demonstrating against what would be Europe’s biggest brown coal open-pit mine. They formed a cross-border Human Chain, spanning eight kilometres between the communities of Kerkwitz in Germany and...
India: Shackled in Chains, Mary Kom Says Elephants Belong in the Wild
Glaring into the camera with fierce determination, covered with scars and struggling to break her chains, Olympic medallist and five-time undisputed World Amateur Boxing champion Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom is featured in a striking new ad from People for the...
Climate Change and the Spread of Deadly Diseases
Since 2008, I've been following publications by the Wildlife Conservation Society about how climate change affects the distribution of dangerous diseases around the world. Rising temperatures and precipitation levels increase the range (both laterally and vertically) that disease-carrying birds, mosquitoes,
Defending The Defenders
Defenders of the environment often face terrible consequences for their actions, suffering rights violations and violence.
Dear Energy Boss, Are You Prepared To Go To Court?
Energy bosses should think twice before denying the reality of climate change.
Is Defending The Planet The Most Dangerous Pursuit On Earth?
Killings of people protecting the environment and rights to land increased sharply between 2002 and 2013 as competition for natural resources intensifies, the new Deadly Environment report from Global Witness has revealed. The report, which is the most comprehensive global analysis...
Spider-Man Villain To Reveal His Dark Side For Earth Hour
Jamie Foxx, who plays the villain Electro in the highly anticipated motion picture The Amazing Spider-Man 2, is joining his co-stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone to call upon the global community to take simple actions to protect the planet.
Mardi Gras Celebrations Amass 25 Million Pounds of Toxic Beads
The Christian holiday of Mardi Gras kicked off Tuesday as the last day to party hard before the solemn rituals of the 40-long holiday Lent. While the holiday attracts party goers of all religions, there is one frightful outcome from...
Stars Speak Up For Indonesia's Tigers
A host of Hollywood stars have joined thousands of concerned consumers in a call for an end to everyday products that are manufactured through forest destruction. The Tiger Manifesto, launched by Greenpeace, is a way for consumers to demand products that...
Russian Government Cleaning the Streets of Strays in Sochi with Poison for the Winter Games
It is a bad time to be a stray animal in Sochi, Russia. Usually the stray animals would be little more of a nuisance to the locals. However that doesn't stop thousands of stray cats and dogs being shot, poisoned,
Calling Planet Earth - How Environmentally Smart Is Your Smartphone?
The new iPhones, the 5C and 5S, are undoubtedly the hottest gadgets on the market at the moment. But were environmental concerns at the top of Appleā€™s agenda when they developed these hot new handsets? After all, the company has...
Who is David Suzuki?
David Suzuki, a highly recognized international leader in sustainable ecology, was born in 1936 as a third generation Japanese-American in Canada.
The Climate Reality Project
The Climate Reality Project is a grass-roots initiative dedicated to improving understanding and stopping global climate change by documenting its impacts on local communities throughout the world
6 Environmental Documentaries You Should See
No list of environmental documentaries would be complete without mentioning...
Global Warming and Drought
The world is very rapidly changing in many ways, and one of the hottest debates going on right now is exactly what is causing these rapid changes. All over the world communities are experiencing hotter temperatures, more severe storms, shifting...
A Potential Environmental Refugee Crisis
An environmental refugee is an individual who is displaced from their homeland because of the degradation of that environment, making it less hospitable for people. China, for example, may experience an environmental refugee problem in the near future because of...
The Eco-Debt Being Left for our Youth
In medieval Europe, whipping boys served as scapegoats for insubordinate princes. In modern America, unwilling children serve as scapegoats for wasteful adults. America's youths are its whipping boys.
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