Climate Change and the Spread of Deadly Diseases
Since 2008, I've been following publications by the Wildlife Conservation Society about how climate change affects the distribution of dangerous diseases around the world. Rising temperatures and precipitation levels increase the range (both laterally and vertically) that disease-carrying birds, mosquitoes,
Social Issues
Ocean Plastic Mysteriously Disappearing from Oceans
Each year humans produce around 300 million tons of plastic and a considerable amount of that ends up in the ocean. It is not just the large plastic pieces that pose a threat to the marine life, but the microscopic...
Blooming Marvellous
At some point between now and August 1, a majestic flower will unveil its beauty in Tucson, Arizona, for one night only. Each year Tucson celebrates the annual, summer blooming of its most elusive flower, the Queen of the Night at...
New Research into Tsunami Earthquakes Reveal Causes and Possible Warning Signs
As earthquakes go, tsunami earthquakes are rather weak. They occur in shallow depths in the ocean and are generally small in magnitude. However, these small earthquakes often produce powerful and surprisingly large tsunamis. Even earthquakes measuring as small as 5.6...
Natural Disasters
Think Climate Change Isn't Real? Make the Case to Prove It for $10,000
Think that climate change and global warming is just a load of bullocks? Well, naysayers, a challenge has been presented. A physicist in Texas is offering a $10,000 cash prize to anyone who can irrefutably prove their hypothesis that man...
Environmental Science
Project Marine Habitats has over $1 Billion Pledged
The Annual Our Ocean summit met again this year and through its speeches and information brought a stunning $1.8 billion dollars pledged to protect marine habitats around the world. The oceans are extremely important to humans and the Earth as...
Operation Toxic Gulf: Responding To The ‘Largest Act Of Eco-Terrorism In History’
Operation Toxic Gulf 2014 is a joint Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Ocean Alliance campaign that’s researching and documenting the devastating and lasting impacts of BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill on ocean life in the Gulf of Mexico.
Air Conditioners Heating Up the Summer Nights
It is a vicious cycle, the temperatures rise during the summer months, and are only getting higher with climate change, which cause us to fire up those air conditioners. However, the wasted heat from those air conditioners are actually causing...
Defending The Defenders
Defenders of the environment often face terrible consequences for their actions, suffering rights violations and violence.
Social Issues
Bottom Feeders Fight Against Global Warming
Over-fishing has been a concerning problem for quite some time now. However, this over-fishing problem could mean more than just losing fish. In fact, new research suggests that over-fishing the ocean could lead to an increase in global warming.
Research Reveals New Man-Made Gases in Atmosphere
New research into our atmosphere has discovered two new chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and one new hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) in the atmosphere, both coming from man-made sources. This new discovery could be the sign that our atmosphere is holding more man-made gases now...
New Caledonia Creates the Largest Protected Natural Area in the World
Recently, Conservation International announced that New Caledonia, a special collectivity of France, located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, has amassed the world's largest protected natural area (on land or sea). Now 16% of France's marine waters are protected instead of...
Hurricanes with Female Name Result in Higher Death Toll
A new study has found that hurricanes that bear female names are likely to cause three times as many deaths than hurricanes that are given masculine names. Does the World Meteorological Organization have a secret code when it comes to...
Natural Disasters
April 2014 Ties for the Warmest April on Record
Globally, this past April was a real scorcher. It was so hot that it in fact tied with April 2010 as the warmest April on record. Compared to the past four months, 2014 has been the sixth warmest year since...
Dear Energy Boss, Are You Prepared To Go To Court?
Energy bosses should think twice before denying the reality of climate change.
Social Issues
High Carbon Levels Found in Ancient Soil
One would suspect that the soils that form on Earth's surface thousands of years ago would have little in the way of carbon. However, the findings of a recent report have been found to be the exact opposite. The ancient...
Environmental Science
Permanent Legislation Needed To Protect California’s Endangered Sperm Whales
The National Marine Fisheries Service has announced emergency actions designed to protect endangered sperm whales from being caught in the California swordfish and thresher shark drift gillnets. Fishing with drift gillnets involves setting mile-long nets at dusk that drift freely where...
Tsunami-Hit Turtle Sanctuary Aims To Raise Funds On World Turtle Day
Today is World Turtle Day, and to celebrate, the Aussie-owned villa in Galle, Sri Lanka, is helping to bring attention to the country’s Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project. The collaboration between Templeberg Villa and Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project (KSTC Project)...
Longer Growing Season Caused by Global Warming Does Not Yield Growth Increase
Its common sense, isn't it? As temperatures increase globally and the growing season gets longer, trees and shrubs in colder climates will see an increase in growth as a result of the longer growing season. However, a new study finds...
How Toxic Are Your Football Boots?
As the world prepares for football fever during this summer’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Greenpeace is highlighting the toxic dangers of the chemicals lurking in the Beautiful Game’s merchandise. Football merchandise produced by adidas, Nike and Puma ahead of the...
Increasing Winds Responsible for Climate Change in Australia and Antarctica
Recently, researchers have been baffled by Antarctica's sluggish response to greenhouse gases, stating that the melt off should be far more advanced than it is. However, today they may have found the answer, though it spells bad news for other...
Let It Burn
The Hong Kong government will begin to burn an astonishing 28 tonnes of confiscated ivory on Thursday.
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