A landscape to treasure: Utah's Arches National Park
Credit: creativecommons.org/minniemouseaunt

There is no shortage of nature in Utah. The state offers travellers a unique blend of golden desert sand and striking green vegetation. However, due to the fact that Utah rich in minerals and natural gas, the U.S. Government has been trying to balance extraction and conservation. This has led to an especially fervent ecological movement and a number of environmentally-friendly accommodation options and activities springing up to highlight how humans can co-exist happily with nature.

1. Bunk House Bed And Breakfast, Zion National Park

The Bunk House is a cozy retreat nestled within the vegetation and canyon walls of Zion National Park. This simple bed and breakfast offers a peaceful atmosphere with a low impact consciousness that focuses on helping guests limit their carbon footprint in the area.

However, the fact that the Bunk House is low impact does not mean that it’s lacking all the comforts of home; it has high speed wireless internet, energy efficient lighting and windows, low flow shower heads, and it’s cleaned using all-natural cleaning products. The Bunk House has all the comforts of home, but it’s surrounded by the serenity of nature. Organic food options are offered from the property’s gardens and orchards, and there is a compost heap for any waste. 

2. Sagestone Spa And Salon, Red Mountain Resort, Ivins

The Sagestone Spa is nestled in the red sandstone cliffs at the foot of the Pine Valley Mountain. The award-winning Red Mountain Resort is dedicated to its clients’ health and wellness. Its programs connect people with nature while minimizing their impact on the glorious scenery around them.

The spa itself is located within a geodesic dome that reflects the rich chocolate, lime and turquoise colors that define the desert. The spa treatments on offer used the natural minerals found within the desert itself, such as mineral rich mud, clay, salt and handcrafted essential oils.

3. Green River Rafting Tour, Moab

Nothing defines a trip to Utah more than white water rafting. Green River Rafting Tours takes guests through beautiful Desolation Canyon on guided rafting trips to explore Wild West outlaw hideouts, Native America petroglyphs, and most importantly, 40 million years of geological history.

4. Escalante Canyon Outfitters, Boulder

Escalante Canyon Outfitters are a group of eco-nuts and tour guides who guide guests throughout the beautiful red rock canyons of southern Utah. These low impact guides live near the gorgeous red rock canyons where they take guests on guided walking and cycling tours. Travellers can also stay in their eco-friendly community where they live in homes made of earth and grow their own food.

5. Sundance Resort, Sundance

Utah boasts snow-capped peaks and some excellent ski resorts – some of which are the most eco-friendly ski resorts in North America. The Sundance Resort is committed to preserving the mountain landscape while offering an entertaining and scenic locale for ski enthusiasts. 

Sundance Resort maintains ski trails while avoiding expansion and development into undisturbed forests or terrain alterations of any kind. The lodge itself practices low energy efficient facilities while using fully recyclable products.