Drive Electric Orlando
Credit: Drive Electric Orlando

Drive Electric Orlando (DEO) is a revolutionary scheme that is allowing environmentally-conscious travellers to not feel quite so guilty about visiting the Magic Kingdom anymore.

In a bid to reduce the economic impact of mass tourism, Orlando has been trailblazing the revolutionary electric rental car initiative. This impressive scheme is the largest electric rental car initiative of its kind – and the response to it has been fantastic.

Here is what people are saying about this groundbreaking scheme:

Mayor Buddy Dyer, City of Orlando: “Over the last several years, this community has worked very hard to position itself as a leader in the electric vehicle space and we now boast over 300 charging stations. That foundation, combined with our legendary tourism industry and visitor population, makes us the perfect place to be able to provide Americans from around the country with the opportunity to try out electric cars in an easy, fun and risk-free environment. We are incredibly proud to be taking a leadership role in advancing the adoption of electric cars.”

Mayor Teresa Jacobs, Orange County: “Launching America’s first-ever, large-scale fleet of electric rental cars is more than just a way to offer our visitors something they can’t experience anywhere else. It’s a groundbreaking step in making sure that we are not just the world’s premier vacation destination, but also the world’s premier green destination.”

Rich Maladecki, President and CEO, Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association: “Sustainability programs are becoming a critical component relating to advancing lodging competitiveness. Offering Central Florida visitors the option of electric vehicles – through the Drive Electric Orlando initiative – is an amenity that demonstrates the region’s ability to satisfy consumer needs.”

Sam Gilliland, Sabre Board of Directors: “Orlando is an ideal place to help travellers break through any skepticism they may have about electric vehicles while renting cars there for vacation or business meetings. Through our extensive network of travel agents, Sabre is promoting electric car rental in Orlando with the hope that when travellers try one, they will view it as a viable option the next time they consider buying a car. As more people turn to electric cars, our country will reduce its dependence on foreign oil. And breakthrough technologies like electric cars and alternative fuels will reduce emissions helping contribute to a more sustainable environment.”

Brendan Jones, Director of EV Infrastructure and Strategy, Nissan: “Nissan knows that the best way to increase interest in LEAF and other electric cars is through direct experience or word of mouth from someone who has driven one. Offering LEAF as a rental car in Orlando, along with robust charging infrastructure at hotels, parks and attractions in America’s top travel destination, will undoubtedly help convince new buyers to give up gas and drive electric.”