Rather than throwing out all your unused things, imagine being able to pass them on to other people who really need them, with no cost to either party. That is the concept behind freecycling. Many people around the world are freecycling their unwanted items rather than discarding them and having them end up in a landfill. Freecycling has many benefits for the environment and for the people on both sides of the transaction.


When people discard items they no long want or use, it ends up in a landfill for many years to come. Freecycling items frees up space in dumps everywhere. It also reduces the amount of goods that are manufactured, thus reducing waste, and chemical and fuel usage. 

Freecycling can obviously save money for the person receiving the items. They receive something they need for nothing more than the cost of the gasoline it takes to pick it up. It also has benefits for the person who is giving. You can get to clear up space in your home and feel good about it at the same time. You will be giving to someone who actually needs the things that you do not. Also, instead of having to drive somewhere to drop off your goods to a donation site or at the dump, you will save gas because they will come to you to pick it up. 

Everything posted on freecycling sites are free. Almost anything can be posted, from pets to household items and just about anything you want to pass on. You would create a post listing what you are offering. If you receive multiple responses, it’s up to you to decide who you want to receive your item. 

To begin freecycling, find a group in your area. It works best when the group members live close together so items can simply be driven to and from owners rather than having to mail them. You can find a group that is located near you at Recyclinggroupfinder.com. If there is none, you can always start your own; either by getting the community involved, or through freecycle organizations such as reuseitnetwork.org, freesharing.org, freeuse.org, or freecycle.org. 

Typically, there are four types of posts within a freecycle group. If you list a “wanted” post, you are telling people what you are searching for. If you change that post to “found,” it means you have found what you were looking for. If you post an “offer,” you are letting the rest of the group know what you have available, and if that is changed to “taken” it means someone has claimed your offer. Each group might have different rules so it is best to learn what they are and to follow them. 

To really utilize a freecycle group and to save yourself money, always check to see if someone is getting rid of something before you go out and spend money on it. You just might get lucky and find it for free. Also, before throwing out something, post it as an offer to see if there is someone that might be able to use it. 

Freecycling is a great way to get rid of unused things and help others save money. It has a positive effect, not only on the environment, but also on your community.