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Is Walmart’s “Closed Loop Fund” Recycling Really Effective?
Walmart has announced that it is partnering with more than a dozen companies and NGOs to form the “Closed Loop Fund”, an initiative that aims to invest $100 million in recycling infrastructure projects and encourage private investment in recycling.
Crayola's Commitment to Our Environment Colours the World
Since the 1970s, I've loved Crayola crayons and it wasn't until my daughter was born that I discovered what an exemplary company Crayola is. Not only did they partner with utility companies to build a massive 15 acre solar farm,
H&M and Zara Clothing Producers Looking to Cut Rainforest Destruction Out of Clothing Production
H&M and Zara are two of the largest clothing companies in the world. While many advocates of the rainforest have previously focused on limiting the destruction of the rainforests from pulp and paper, timber, soy, palm oil and cattle companies,
Italy Winery Uses Wine Sales to Plant Trees and Basil in Canadian Soil
Sustainable individuals in Canada should make April a month to indulge when it comes to wine. From April 1st to the 26th, in honor of Earth Month and the prolonged commitment to sustainability, Italian wine producer Santa Margherita will donate...
San Francisco Phasing out Water Bottles
If you’re going to San-Fran-Cisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair... Just make sure that you don’t take any nasty plastic water bottles with you, because sashaying around with one on those environmentally-hazardous bottles in your hand...
Illegal Logging in Mozambique Threatens Sustainability
Many believe that the illegal logging industry is only an issue in the Amazon Rainforest, however illegal logging has spiked in Mozambique and other African countries over the past five years. Researchers from Eduardo Mondlane University published a new report...
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