Keep your hair and the planet healthy with these eco-friendly shampoos and conditioners

There are many benefits to switching to low-waste hair products. Not only are they packed with nutrients thanks to naturally sourced ingredients, but they also eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles and containers. Plus, they are a lot easier to travel with and are easy to store.

We’ve gathered some of our favourite options so that you can nourish your locks while also reducing waste...

1. Lush New solid shampoo

LushThis cruelty-free bar is infused with clove and cinnamon oils, as well as peppermint and rosemary to keep your hair shiny and your scalp clean. Not to mention, it's the equivalent of up to three 250 ml bottles of liquid shampoo, so you know that a little bit goes a very long way.
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2. Plaine Products shampoo

pleineA great way to go low-waste is to use reusable and refillable aluminum bottles, which is why Plaine Products is a winner for us. Their hair products are biodegradable, vegan, cruelty-free, and contain no silicone or palm oil. The main ingredient in this shampoo is aloe, which works to nourish your hair from the scalp to the ends. Choose from a one-time purchase, or up to once every six months, along with three different scent options.
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3. Daughter of the Land hair and body shampoo

Daughter of the Land hair and body shampooNot only can you use this bar for your hair, but you can also use it head to toe, which makes it even more convenient if you’re looking to cut down on waste in the home. Made with pure organic ingredients, such as fresh goat's milk, coconut oil and shea butter, it’s both moisturizing and soothing on the scalp and skin. Plus, we love that the box is 100 percent recyclable, and the bar has a sweet fragrance of rose and herbs. Daughter of the Land’s products sell out very quickly, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a while.
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4. Ethique Pinkalicious shampoo bar

Ethique Shampoo Bar PinkaliciousThis sustainable brand makes amazing products that are packaged fabulously. When it comes to shampoo bars, there are over eight to select from, depending on what your hair type is. Certified cruelty-free, vegan, biodegradable and 100 percent plastic-free, these little boxes will do wonders for your locks—and there is even a special one made for kids!
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5. Rocky Mountain shampoo bar

Rocky Mountain Shampoo BarMade with rosemary leaf oil, castor oil and organic shea butter, this hydrating shampoo bar is best for short or thick hair. It’s vegan, GMO-free, and works to increase scalp circulation while you are in the shower. We also love that it comes at such a great price.
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6. J.R. Liggett’s conditioner bar

J.R. Liggett’s conditioner barIt’s one of the most popular low-waste conditioners for a reason. Easy-to-use and filled with natural goodies, such as organic alfalfa grass and lavender, this plant-based bar will keep frizziness and tangles away, as well as leave your hair with a shine right after you wash it. Pair it with some of J.R. Ligget’s top-rated shampoo bars and you will not be disappointed.
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7. Love and Beauty and Planet two-in-one bar

Love and Beauty and Planet two-in-one barThis shampoo and conditioning bar is gentle on the hair, sulfate-free and packaged with 100 percent recyclable materials. The main ingredients—coconut water and mimosa flower—not only have a variety of natural benefits for the hair, such as keeping it strong and lush, but they also both have a beautiful, long-lasting fragrance.
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