Green travel has grown in popularity for a number of reasons. First, it’s lots of fun – you see new places and experience new things. Second, you get to do something good for the environment through volunteering. Finally, it provides an opportunity to do something completely unique, something you would never get to do if you didn’t join one of these trips. Here is a list of 5 green travel tours that will blow your mind.

The Jungle

5. Save the Costa Rican Sea Turtles

Travel to Costa Rica with green travel tours, and get face to face with some remarkable creatures.

Listed as endangered worldwide, leatherback turtles are the largest reptile in the world. They are also the most evolved sea turtle, capable of surviving sub-Arctic seas. Scientists are actively studying this species with the goal of increasing their numbers around the planet. 

If you have ever wanted to help baby turtles hatch and make their way to the sea, this is the trip for you. You can join in this adventure, monitor nesting turtles, record nest locations or attach tracking devices, depending upon the season. Enjoy comfortable accommodations beachside and have the chance to view many other local species as well.

4. Whales and Otters in British Columbia

Green travel tours take you right in the middle of the action as you observe two species in their natural habitat.

Head to Canada and help monitor and track grey whales and otters in Clayoquot Sound off of Vancouver Island. If weather permits you will kayak amongst these gentle giants, learn to identify specific individuals and get a glimpse of the coastline that most don’t experience. 

You also have the opportunity to observe the local river otters, a co-indicator species. Since both the whales and the otters share these waters, the effects of climate change affect both populations. With accommodations based in a hostel nestled among the largest unlogged temperate rainforest on Vancouver Island, you will have the opportunity to spot wolves, river otters, bald eagles and much more.

3. Biodiversity in Kenya

These green travel tours take you to the heart of Africa where so many species are threatened and in desperate need of help.

Work side by side with the Samburu people of Kenya to preserve some of the last outposts of Grevy’s Zebras. The growing human population has put strain on the local environment, and this trip focuses upon ways to manage competition between zebras and humans where resources are scarce.

Stay in Wamba, experiencing the regional culture while you collect data and observe animals in the open savannah. The information you help gather will be shared with NGOs to help improve the management of these complex ecosystems.

2. Elephant Care in Thailand

In this remarkable country, elephants are being exploited. Join green travel tours designed to help redefine the relationship between local people and pachyderms.

Many elephants in Thailand are forcibly involved in the begging or circus trades. Spend time working with elephants who are being rehabilitated in an elephant “refugee” camp. Your goal is to help the Thai develop eco-tourist friendly elephant experiences by rebuilding natural habitat. 

Between sessions where you will be working at the camp experience the wonders of Thai culture, history and scenery. You will also have the opportunity to teach English, computers or other skills to locals. Food and lodging are provided allowing you to participate in many of same activities that your hosts do every day.

1. Saving Mantas in Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is every SCUBA diver’s Holy Grail. Experience the wonder of this natural wonder with green travel tours designed to help the largest ray in the world survive.

If you know how to SCUBA then this trip is truly unique way to put your passion to work saving the planet. Project Manta is in need of help. Put on your gear and take pictures of manta rays off of Lady Elliot Island, Queensland, Australia. You may sample plankton levels one day, and analyze photos on the database another assessing behavior patterns, identifying fish and help gather data which will help save these remarkable creatures.

Lady Elliot Island is one of six resort islands associated with the Great Barrier Reef. With permanent tents and communal eating arrangements, volunteers can focus on their work, and enjoy many modern amenities while making an impact on the planet.

These and many other green travel tours can be found online at either or Go ahead and join the volutourism movement; do both the planet and yourself some good.